Taiwan’s Ancient Chinese Painting Souvenir Sheets

November 19th, 2012 by Francis Leave a reply »

Chunghwa Post will issue 2 souvenir sheets on 22 November 2012 featuring Chinese paintings by Ming Dynasty painter Pien Wen-chin from the National Palace Museum collection.

One souvenir sheet features three stamps, each highlighting a portion of the original masterpiece, with denominations of NT?5, NT?10, and NT?12. The other one features the full scroll with a denomination of NT?70.

Pien Wen-chin was an important bird-and-flower painter at the early Ming Dynasty court. His work blends the meticulous and exuberantly colored style of the great Northern Song master Huang Ch’uan with the Southern Song court painting tradition. The highly decorative painting features nearly 100 birds perched on bamboo, as well as pine and plum blossom branches.

The souvenir sheet featuring the entire scroll is printed on silk paper. The elegant silk further helps to shine a spotlight on the fine strokes of this masterpiece.



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