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Singapore 2015 Botanic Gardens – UNESCO Heritage Site

August 7th, 2015

Singapore 2015 Botanic Gardens - UNESCO Heritage Site stamps

Singapore 2015 Botanic Gardens - UNESCO Heritage Site FDC

Date of issue: 7 August 2015

This set of 2 stamps is to commemorate the Singapore Botanic Gardens being nominated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stamps size 119.4mm x 40.8mm.

New Zealand Post 2011 China International Stamp Exhibition MS

November 5th, 2011

New Zealand 2011 China International Stamp Exhibition MS

The 27th Asian International Stamp Exhibition will be held in Wuxi, China for 5 days from 11 November 2011.

There will be 1300 frames of exhibits and 100 dealer stands all in the spacious Wuxi Taihu International Expo Centre.

New Zealand Post will be issuing a miniature sheet containing 3 circular kiwi stamps with a picture of a panda.

Australian Kingfishers

September 29th, 2010

A set of four stamps featuring kingfishers will be issued on 26 October 2010 by Australia Post. The stamps are illustrated by wildlife artist Christopher Pope who was also the illustrator for the very popular song birds stamps of 2009.

Maxicards and a stamp booklet will also be released.

Birds from Falkland Islands

July 15th, 2010

The Falkland Islands released a set of 4 stamps and miniature sheet featuring petrels and shearwaters on July 6.

Birds featured:
27p – Sooty Shearwater Puffinus griseus
70p – White-chinned Petrel Procellaria a aequinoctialis
95p – Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes giganteus
£1.15 – Greater Shearwater Puffinus gravis

Alderney Resident Passerines

May 6th, 2008

Alderney will issue a set of 6 stamps on 24 may 2008 featuring birds found in the surrounding area.

Alderney’s wildlife continues to thrive and this is no more widely seen than in its bird population. While seabirds have made the coast, cliffs, beaches and offshore rocky outposts their home, resident passerines have taken advantage of the wild commons, domestic gardens and even the abandoned forts and bunkers that are prevalent in the island. This environment is manna from heaven for the birds and is one of the main reasons why Alderney is an essential destination for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world.

The values are 32p, 37p, 45p, 48p, 50p, 71p and will be printed by BDT International. A prestige booklet will also be available at £11.32.