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Taiwan’s Ancient Chinese Painting Souvenir Sheets

November 19th, 2012

Chunghwa Post will issue 2 souvenir sheets on 22 November 2012 featuring Chinese paintings by Ming Dynasty painter Pien Wen-chin from the National Palace Museum collection.

One souvenir sheet features three stamps, each highlighting a portion of the original masterpiece, with denominations of NT?5, NT?10, and NT?12. The other one features the full scroll with a denomination of NT?70.

Pien Wen-chin was an important bird-and-flower painter at the early Ming Dynasty court. His work blends the meticulous and exuberantly colored style of the great Northern Song master Huang Ch’uan with the Southern Song court painting tradition. The highly decorative painting features nearly 100 birds perched on bamboo, as well as pine and plum blossom branches.

The souvenir sheet featuring the entire scroll is printed on silk paper. The elegant silk further helps to shine a spotlight on the fine strokes of this masterpiece.


Protected Mammal Species of Taiwan stamps

November 6th, 2012

Date of issue: 7 November 2012

Taiwan Post will issue a set of 4 stamps depicting protected mammal species.

1. Paguma larvata taivana (NT$5): This species is found in the mountainous regions of Taiwan proper, Green Island, and Orchid Island. Its name in Chinese—“white nose civet”—comes from the white vertical stripe that runs from its nose to the area between its ears. Retractable claws like those of a cat make it a good tree climber. This civet will wrap its tail around branches to prevent itself from falling off a tree.

2. Mustela nivalis formosana (NT$5): This species is distributed in mountainous regions at an altitude of at least 2,500 meters. Its range includes the Snow, Hehuan, and Jade mountains. The weasel is short and small, with a short tail and legs. Its throat, chest, and belly are white, whereas the rest of its body is brown.

3. Martes flavigula chrysospila (NT$10): This species can be found in the mountainous regions of national parks in central and southern Taiwan, as well as the Dawushan and Wutoushan nature reserves. The animal sports a bright color coat. The golden yellow fur around its neck resembles a luxurious scarf. Its waist is darker in color, and its limbs and tail are blackish brown.

4. Viverricula indica pallida (NT$25): This species, also called “pen cat” in Chinese, is found in Yangmingshan, roadsides along the Northern Cross-Island Highway and mountainous regions of the Southern Cross-Island Highway, Kenting, the East Coast Mountain Range, and the Fushan Botanical Garden. The animal’s anal gland and musk gland can emit a secretion with unusual odor. It has six black and tan stripes stretching from its shoulder to the base of its tail on its back. On the sides of its chest and waist there are some black markings of various sizes. It has a black and off-white ring tail.