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Magical Realms from the Royal Mail

February 28th, 2011

GB Magical Realms

The Royal Mail will issue a set of 8 stamps titled magical Realms on 8 March 2011.

Designs of the stamps are as follow:

1st class:
Rincewind & Nanny Ogg (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld)
Dumbledore & Lord Voldemort (JK Rowling’s Harry Potter)
Merlin & Morgan Le Fay (Arthurian Legend)
Aslan & The White Witch (C S Lewis’s Narnia)

2011 self-adhesive Machins

Also to be issued on the same day will be 5 low value Machin definitives in the self-adhesive format. Royal Mail will eventually only release all Machin definitives in self-adhesive format. The Machins will have the security slits but not the iridescent overprint.

Hawkmoths stamps issue from Alderney

February 28th, 2011

Alderney Hawkmoths Miniature Sheet

They are known as hawk moths because of their shape, power and maneuverability.  They belong to the family Sphingdale, named after the mysterious Sphinx from the Greek mythology.

17 species of hawks-moth occur in the British Isles and of these a remarkable 14 have been found in Alderney.

The set of 6 stamps and miniature were issued 23 February 2011. The stamps are available in sheetlets of 10 stamps each.

Luxembourg’s royalty birthday stamps

February 28th, 2011

Luxembourg Post announced 2 stamps to be issued 15 March 2011 to mark the birthdays of HRH Grand Duke Jean’s 90th birthday (January 5th) and the 30th birthday of HRH Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume on November 11th.

How to remove self-adhesive stamps used on envelopes?

February 24th, 2011

More and more self-adhesive stamps are being issued and collectors are in a dilemma over how they should keep them. The paper on which the majority of these stamps have been used on cannot be safely removed without damaging the stamp.

Some resort to keeping the stamps without removing the paper. This is fine if all the stamps on the page are on similar kind of paper with the same colour. Sometimes you would get a hard to find stamp used on a blue or beige coloured enevlope. That cut to piece will stand out on the page!

Over the years Peter Butler, FRPSC, have been experimenting with various techniques in the safe removal of self-adhesive stamps from the envelope paper. He wrote many articles in local newspaper and the philatelic press about his techniques and here are some of them including two videos.

Using Bestine

Using Aerosol

Peter Butler’s October 2010 American Philatelist article:

  • It’s Like Magic / Removing Self-Adhesive Stamps from Paper (PDF / 541k)

All the above videos and files are hosted by The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

100 Years of Aviation in Singapore

February 23rd, 2011

2011 marks a centennial of aviation in Singapore. Singapore saw her first aircraft, piloted by Mr Joseph Christiaens, take off from the racecourse in Farrer Park on 16 March 1911 and that marked the start of aviation in Singapore.

Eight years later, on 4 December 1919 about 4:48pm, a pioneering flight from England to Australia on a modified Vicker-Vimy biplane, landed on the racecourse in Farrer Park. From then, the development of our aviation industry never looked back.

Date of issue: 16 March 2011