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Canada Post to honour Bilodeau gold with stamp

February 16th, 2010

Canada Post will pay tribute to the country’s first Olympic gold medal on home soil by issuing a stamp to commemorate Alexandre Bilodeau’s victory in the men’s moguls at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games on Sunday.

The government-owned postal service had preprinted and distributed 5 million, 57 Canadian cent stamps commemorating the event. By betting that Canada would not again be shutout, Canada Post was able to offer the special stamp for sale in Vancouver on Monday, the day after the win. It becomes available nationwide on Tuesday.

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Collectors hope kids stick with stamps

February 9th, 2010

When Halloween trick-or-treaters come to Bill Britton’s door in Dublin, he gives them a choice: candy or a packet of stamps.

A basic knowledge of children might lead one to think that every kid would choose a Snickers bar over a Soviet Union stamp, but Britton said that about two-thirds of children choose the stamps.

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Valentine’s Day stamps from Philippines Post

February 9th, 2010

Philippines Post plans to issue 70,000 Valentine’s stamps this year.

This year, buyers can choose from 2 different stamp designs. Both stamps are P7 values. One has a pink background with a blonde Cupid smiling amidst a swirl of hearts and the words “Mahal Kita.”

The other is printed with “I Love You” messages in 7 international languages, with the words “Shower the World With Love.”

Both stamps have the message “Happy Valentine’s Day 2010” at the bottom.

13p stamp error sells for £85k

February 6th, 2010

A copy of the 13p stamp of the 1973 Centenary of the Royal National Rose Society issue with missing value was sold for £85,000.

Three copies known to exist of which two are in the Royal Philatelic Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Stamps honor 4 notable sailors

February 4th, 2010

From admiral to mess attendant, four sailors who distinguished themselves are being honored with new U.S. postage stamps. Ceremonies to dedicate the new 44-cent stamps were set for Thursday at the U.S. Navy Memorial.

Available nationwide on Thursday, the 44-cent stamps immortalize four sailors who served with bravery and distinction during the 20th Century: William S. Sims, Arleigh A. Burke, John McCloy and Doris “Dorie” Miller. The stamps, designed by Phil Jordan of Falls Church, VA, are based on photographs from Navy archives. Text along the top of the stamp sheet identifies the four sailors, the approximate date of each photograph, and a ship named in honor of each sailor.

Europa stamps

February 3rd, 2010

The theme of this year’s Europa stamps is Children’s books, and the Åland Post has decided to let the artist Kristine Digman illustrate the author Åsa Lind’s well-known fairy tale character the Sand Wolf and his friend Zackarina.

The Sand Wolf series has been a great success for Åsa Lind. The books have been translated into 10 languages, and now the Sand Wolf and his friend Zackarina are featured on an Åland stamp.

Date of issue: April 19, 2010

Chinese Stamp From 1897 Sells for Record Amount in Hong Kong

February 1st, 2010

A rare Chinese stamp from 1897 sold for HK$4.8 million ($617,959) to an Asian bidder, setting a record price for a single Chinese stamp at auction.

The “Small One Dollar” is one of only 32 recorded copies featuring a one-dollar overprint on a stamp with a face value of three cents. The 15 percent commission paid to the auction house raised the price to about $710,600.

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This is type A with the “1 Dollar” of the surcharge partly covering the word “Revenue”. The type A and B (“1 dollar” completely covering the word “Revenue”) stamps all come from the right surcharge plate. The type C (“1 dollar” above the word “Revenue”) comes from the other surcharge plate.