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Duck Stamp Story

November 12th, 2009

Collectors of bird stamps may want to add duck stamps to their collection. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service issues many beautiful duck stamps every year.

You can download a free PDF book on the history of these duck stamps.

Click here to download the free PDF ebook.

If after reading the free ebook you decided to find out more about this theme, then these two books will provide all the answers to you starting a new collection.

The Duck Stamp Story (Paperback)

Now you can learn the history behind the duck stamp program and determine the value of the stamps and artwork that have made this one of the best conservation programs in history.

With production figures and current values for every federal duck stamp yet produce, this book is the dream of every collector. It also takes a look at what went into creating a program that has grown into one of the richest art contests ever held.

This full-color masterpiece is a must for anyone interested in wildlife conservation, stamp and art collecting or waterfowl hunting.

Price for used copy starts from US24.00

Duck Stamps: Identification & Value Guide (Paperback)

This guide gives values for each condition, facts about each stamp issued, and essential information regarding care and storage.

A detailed history of the development of the stamp is provided along with color photographs of every duck stamp made to date.

Price for a used copy starts from US$4.00